Principal Investigator

Brent Minchew
Assistant Professor
office: 54-310
phone: 617-324-3704

Brent was born and raised in Texas where he rode horses and raised show pigs. After serving nearly eight years in the Marine Corps, he earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 and 2010. As an undergraduate, Brent researched high-energy (~ MJ) electromagnetic launchers at the Institute for Advanced Technology, imagining that the technology might one day be useful for returning samples to Earth from a lunar base. He spent his first two summers of graduate school working with the Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR) group at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, researching glacier dynamics and applications of radar remote sensing to marine oil spill response. Through further research on glacier dynamics and kinematic remote sensing, Brent received a PhD in Geophysics from the California Institute of Technology in 2016 under the advisement of Mark Simons, and he went on to be an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK, working with Hilmar Gudmundsson. In January 2018, Brent joined the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an assistant professor.  

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Lizz Ultee
Postdoctoral Associate
office: 54-526




Graduate Students

Joanna Millstein
PhD student, MIT-WHOI Joint Program
office: 54-814
Joanna is a graduate student in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Geology & Geophysics. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2017 with a degree in Earth Sciences, where she was introduced to remote sensing techniques and glaciological field work. In her free time, Joanna can be found bicycling or fly fishing. ​
Fiona Clerc
PhD student, MIT-WHOI Joint Program
office: 54-814
Meghana Ranganathan
PhD student, EAPS
office: 54-1821
Kasturi Shah
PhD student, EAPS
office: 54-1713
Julia Wilcots
PhD student, EAPS
office: 54-1027
Brindha Kanniah
5th-year Masters student, EAPS
office: 54-527